It’s First & Goal for Football Staff

It’s First & Goal for Football Staff
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LANCASTER, Pa. – Franklin & Marshall College’s head football coach, John Troxell, is set to work the 2009 the second half of the annual Lauren’s First and Goal Foundation camps. The one-day charity camps will be held annually at Lafayette University and the University of South Florida benefit the Lauren’s First and Goal Foundation. Troxell and his wife, Pamela, serve on the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Troxell and four of his assistants, Kevin Baumann, Ernest Moore, Mickey Rehring and Craig Sutyak worked last weekend’s camp at Lafayette. The clinic in the Lehigh Valley drew 1,723 football players and raised over $190,000 in campers’ fees and pledges, a number expected to grow when Troxell, Moore and Rehring work this weekend’s camp at South Forida.

Since 2004 the camp and Foundation has raised approximately $600,000 which has been dedicated to research, services and family support.

The camp and organization are named in honor of Lauren Loose, an eleven-year old brain tumor survivor, who has been living with a diagnosis of multiple brain tumors, Neurofibromatosis and Evan's Syndrome since 9 months of age.

The organization is staffed entirely by volunteers dedicated to the mission of the Foundation. Lauren's parents, Marianne and John, founded the organization, and with the help of family, friends and the wonderful fraternity of volunteer college football coaches launched the First Annual Lauren's First and Goal Football Camp in June 2004.

Like many parents of a child with a life threatening illness, the Looses witnesses first hand the tremendous financial and emotional stressors facing families with a sick child, as well as the lack of viable treatment options for children with brain tumors. Standard treatments, including surgery, radiation and chemotherapy may help in treating the tumor, but often cause debilitating side effects in a developing child's brain that have serious ramification in terms of quality of life.