Recruiting 101

The recruiting process can be exciting. It can also be overwhelming. Advice comes from a number of directions. Most of it is well intentioned, but it is not always well informed. Recruiting services offer advice and services for a fee, but they are not really necessary in an era when computers have built-in video editing software and a coach is a click or phone call away.

We’re here to help!

We have sought the advice of our front line recruiters – our coaches – as to what they are looking for. We picked their brains for tips and tricks and have compiled them to help guide you in this process. While we will detail advice from a few coaches, there are some items that were universal in the feedback and need to be shared up front.

First, put your wallet away! A lot of people will be willing to edit and distribute your film and a profile. Don’t pay for production value. Coaches are looking for talented students and athletes, not graphics and your favorite song. Almost every college has an online recruiting form that asks for the precise information a coach is seeking. Don’t buy a service you don’t need, just ask a coach what they are looking for - it is in their interest to tell you!

A bit of free advice from...

Kirsten Richter Todd Cavallaro
Ryan Horning