Sports Medicine Insurance Information

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Student Athlete, Parents, and/or Guardians,

Please see below regarding medical insurance at Franklin & Marshall College as it relates to varsity and club athletics. It is important that you understand what you are not purchasing if you opt out of the college sponsored insurance plan. 


Health insurance is required for F&M students. All students are charged a Health Services fee with their tuition. The comprehensive and health fees do not include health insurance for illness, accidents, or athletic injuries. The college provides a student insurance policy that is required for students without other adequate insurance. This policy is also recommended for students intending to participate in varsity, club, or intramural sports or as a primary supplementary policy for those with managed care insurance whose away-from-home benefits provide insufficient coverage.

Enrollment forms are sent to each student over the summer by HULSE QM. The college sponsored plan may be waived if proof of adequate away-from-home coverage is provided. 

(EXTREMELY IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOLLOWING) By not purchasing the plan, however, the basic athletic accident coverage is also waived. This means that in the event an injury sustained during participation with a varsity athletic event, the student will be relying on the insurance that was used to waive the college sponsored plan to pay for his/her medical bills.  The college does not pay for health insurance bills for athletes even though an injury may have been sustained during an official practice or contest. We rely on the insurance information provided.  In the event that bills go in excess of $5,000 for any one athletic injury, the college has a secondary policy set up for athletes to access once the $5,000 deductible is reached for that one injury. That deductible can be reached either through their Primary Insurance or out-of-pocket expenses.  This secondary policy is provided through a different company then the one that provides the college sponsored plan.  The $5,000 deductible occurs per injury sustained.

Students should know basic information about their insurance coverage and have an insurance card to present if the need for emergency or outpatient care arises. A copy of both sides of the card should be provided to AHS and updated every semester. Those who have decided not to purchase the supplementary policy and are insured by managed care or an HMO should know the approval process required if services not available on campus are needed. It has been our experience that some students have been forced to return home to receive non-emergency outpatient care. Others have needed to identify a primary care physician in Lancaster. Some managed care companies participate only with specific laboratories or outpatient facilities. The need to investigate coverage requirements at a time when the doctor recommends outpatient procedures often results in unfortunate delays in treatment.

Additional information is available from the policy administrator Hulse/QM, phone number: (800) 766-7090 or (800) 287-0285.   For enrollment/waiver questions,  call (800) 433-2042 extension 2.