Returning Varsity Athlete

Due Dates: July 22, 2019: Football

July 29, 2019: Men's and Women's Cross Country, Field Hockey, Men's and Women's Soccer, Volleyball

August 15, 2019: All Other Varsity Teams 

This process requires you to complete the following in order to participate in your particular sport for the upcoming season.  It is VITAL that all Fall Varsity Athletic Teams complete this process by the due date as those student athletes only have 1-2 days prior to the start of the season to be cleared medically.  All other varsity programs will have physicals scheduled later which is why the later due date; however, this due date is also important because you will have your physicals scheduled in late August or early September.  You will hear more on your exact physical date and time from your Head Coach later in August.

Sickle Cell Testing: Please click here for more information from the NCAA

The NCAA requires testing of athletes for Sickle Cell Trait prior to being able to compete on an NCAA team.  It is HIGHLY recommended your take care of this during the summer.  This testing only needs to be completed one time during your four years at F&M. You will be able to get this testing done when you return to campus however it could easily delay your ability to start with your team on time while you wait for the results.  Also, testing may have already been done and easily requested from your primary care physician.  You can waiver out of the testing and that form will be available during your physical process; however, the NCAA then requires you review some educational information pertaining to Sickle Cell Trait and why it is recommended you know your results.  Results may be mailed to:

Franklin & Marshall College
Student Wellness Center
931 Harrisburg Ave.
Lancaster, PA 17604
Fax: (717) 735-9234


II. Please Read the Following PDF files prior to moving on as the medical history forms have questions pertaining to these files:

NCAA Concussion Statement and Information PDF

Athletic Training Room Hours PDF

F&M Insurance Information

III. READ THIS CLOSELY! = To complete the medical history update, ATS does NOT WORK WELL WITH SAFARI, please do not use Safari to complete this process.  The system works best with Internet Explorer but we have had success with Firefox and Chrome.  If you have any issues, please contact someone from the sports medicine staff. The system is working fine but you may have things preventing it from functioning perfectly on your own web browser.

To get started, you must visit here.

1. Click "ATS Athlete Portal"

The username and password are what you setup when you set up your account, it was not given to you by F&M.  If you do not remember, please use the account retrieval button “forgot your password?” to get your information.  The email address used to collect your information is the email address YOU gave the system. Please make sure you turn off your Pop-Up blocker in order to request your password, the request feature is a pop-up and you need to allow your browser to bring it up. If you didn’t use your F&M email address, you cannot use your F&M email address to get your password.  We HIGHLY recommend you use your F&M email address on your account, please feel free to change it while inside the system.  If you are still having issues, email or call a member of the Sports Medicine Staff.

2. On ATS Main Menu, click Athlete Information (it is the first item).

3. On the first tab which is labeled "General", review this information for accuracy, make changes as needed.  It is important this is accurate as it will travel with you to contests.  It is highly advised to set your email to your F&M email address on this page.  Also, please update the lower sections labeled: Medical Alerts (serious medical conditions and number of concussions including the most recent one), Allergies, and Current Medications.  At the bottom click the “Save Athlete Information” button.  If you made NO changes, please click the “Verify Athlete Information” button.

4. Click the tab labeled "Insurance".  Review this information for accuracy as it is what we will use for medical needs and it greatly helps speed up the care process.  Add or Delete as necessary.  If you made NO changes, please click the “Verify Athlete Information” button.

5. Click the tab labeled "Contacts".  Review this information to make sure you wish to continue using these individual(s) as your primary contacts in the event an emergency occurs.  If you made NO changes, please click the “Verify Athlete Information” button.

6. Click the tab labeled "Athlete Forms".  Click the bar labeled "Form Name" on this tab.  Select "Returning Athlete Health History Form" from the bar.  Hit the "New" button next to the bar.  After the form loads, answer all of the questions.  When you have completed this form, hit "save".

 7. You are now done with the ATS Medical History review and may logout of the system.

 IV. Other Items to consider:

1.  If you have had a surgery or major medical change since your last physical here, or something significant occurs over the summer, please bring medical documentation of your injury or illness with you.  It is a very important part of the process to be cleared. Paperwork to consider: Xray/MRI/CAT Scan reports, Office Visit Notes, Surgical Notes/Clearances, and Blood Work. 

 2. ADHD Medical Documentation – If you are taking these medications, the NCAA does not allow you to do so while competing without documentation.  The NCAA requires ANNUAL clinical reviews and as such, you must provide documentation of these visits.  It is highly recommended you bring this paperwork with you annually.  Failure to complete this process could lead to a failed drug test with no ability to succeed in appealing your results to the NCAA.

Please have your physician complete this form by clicking here and bring it with you to your physical.

3. IMPACT Test – The baseline test you did during your first year on a varsity team is sufficient for your four years at F&M. Please do NOT complete another baseline test as it is an unneeded step.

Please contact the Franklin & Marshall College Sports Medicine Department at 717-358-4111 if you have any questions or problems. 

You are ready to be scheduled for a sport physical for your season.  We will schedule your team through your Head Coach and they will be in contact with you at a later date.