Centennial and Middle Atlantic Conference Announce Bowl Series

Centennial and Middle Atlantic Conference Announce Bowl Series

Two Postseason Football Games to be Played on November 21 

LANCASTER, Pa. -  The Centennial Conference (CC) and the Middle Atlantic Conference (MAC) announced today that they are partnering for two postseason football games between member institutions. The Inaugural Centennial-MAC Bowl Series will involve the top two teams from each conference that are not selected for the NCAA Division III championship tournament.

The top team from each conference that is not selected to the NCAAs will play host for a game in the series. The next team from each conference will be the road team and play against the top team in the other conference. The bowl games are scheduled for Saturday, November 21.

"Traditionally, the ECAC has provided postseason opportunities for our football teams in our area," said Ken Andrews, executive director of the MAC. "With the announcement that all ECAC bowl games would be held in Connecticut this fall, we felt that the significant financial impact that our member institutions would absorb would be prohibitive."

"This joint arrangement with the MAC is a win-win for all of our members," said Steve Ulrich, executive director of the CC. "It will provide a postseason opportunity for deserving football players and teams while controlling our costs. We also have the added benefit of renewing old rivalries with a neighboring conference which is exciting for all involved."

The two conferences will also support the NCAA Division III Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) partnership with Special Olympics by donating 25 percent of ticket revenue generated during the Bowl Series to the organization. Giving back to local and regional communities not only adds to the comprehensive learning component of Division III, but also provides a venue for passion and service.

NCAA rules permit a conference-sponsored postseason tournament – one between teams that are not identified until the end of the preceding regular season – not to exceed one contest for any one institution.

More information will be available on Sunday, November 15, following the announcement of the 32-team NCAA Division III championship field. Visit centennial.org for all the details.