Russ McDonnell

Russ McDonnell

  • Title:
    Strength and Conditioning Coach

Russ McDonnell joined the Franklin & Marshall wrestling program as the strength and conditioning coach in 2019-20. 

He brought with him a wealth of experience that includes a 31-year career as a competitive weightlifter and powerlifter with 17 National titles, multiple state and national records, a pair of AAU World records and having competed in the World Championships on five occasions.

McConnell is a certified strength and conditioning coach, a USA Weightlifting Level 2 coach and the Co-founder owner of FORTIUS Fitness and Performance Training Center in Lancaster.

He also serves as a USA Weightlifting and USA Powerlifting referee, as well as a personal trainer and coaching consultant. McDonell’s methods center on a ground-based strength training approach that incorporates the Olympic and power lifts and their variants which require the athlete to produce, and receive force as they move through extreme positions while maintaining agility, balance, coordination, and flexibility.