Franklin & Marshall Women's Tennis All-Conference Selections

Year All-Centennial Selections
1994 Vicki Jiranek - Singles/Doubles
1994 Jodie Briner - Singles/Doubles
1996 Katie Rouff - Singles
1997 Katie Rouff - Singles
1997 Leah Rubin - Singles
1997 Carrie Bruno - Doubles
1997 Brianne O'Loughlin - Doubles
1998 Katie Rouff - Singles/Doubles
1998 Leah Rubin - Singles/Doubles
1999 Katie Rouff - Singles/Doubles
1999 Leah Rubin - Singles/Doubles
2000 Leah Rubin - Singles/Doubles
2000 Pam Hillock - Doubles
2001 Jen Dubow - Doubles
2001 Jenny Smith - Doubles
2005 Katie Gaskins - Singles
2006 Katie Gaskins - Singles
2007 Katie Gaskins - Singles/Doubles
2007 Barbara Bee - Doubles

Emily Gruenberg (Second Team Singles), Anya Sahaydachny (Second Team Doubles), Megan FitzMaurice (Second Team Doubles), Julia Fiala (Honorable Mention Singles)

2014 Nicole Russo (First Team Singles, ROY), Anya Sahaydachny and Caitlin Rummelsburg (First Team Doubles), Rummelsburg (Second Team Singles), Megan FitzMaurice and Dana Sleeper (Honorable Mention Doubles)
2015 Nicole Russo (First Team Singles), Caitlin Rummelsburg and Sara Haas (First Team Doubles), Rummelsburg (Second Team Singles)
2016 Nicole Russo (First Team Singles), Russo and Emily Gruenberg (Second Team Doubles), Gavriel Rubenstein (Honorable Mention Singles), Rubenstein and Allysan Breece (Honorable Mention Doubles)
2017 Allison Wolters (First Team Singles, CC POTY), Nicole Russo (First Team Singles), Wolters and Russo (First Team Doubles), C.J. Rummelsburg and Sarah Haas (Second Team Doubles).
2018 Allison Wolters (First Team Singles), Wolters and Sarah Haas (Second Team Doubles)
2019 Allison Wolters (First Team Singles), Wolters and Gavriel Rubenstein (First Team Doubles)