George Howard '39
Induction Year: 2002
Sport(s): Track and Field, Cross Country
Graduation Year: 1939

The greatest track and field athlete of his generation at the College, Howard was a four-year participant in cross country and track. In cross country, Howard was undefeated in 1937 and set s new course record in all three meets that the team ran. In 1936, he tied or came in second to Charles Frey in every meet. In 1938, Howard served as team captain and completed his career with a 13-1 mark.

The premier miler in the Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference, he claimed the Conference title three times in a season that included only three or four meets. In 1937, he set a new ECAC meet record by crossing the finish line in 4:34.3. In addition, according to the College's records, Howard never lost a mile race while at Franklin & Marshall. Overall, his best time in the mile was 4:20, a record that lasted nearly 60 years prior to Steve Monaco running 4:14.58 in 1992 to erase the mark.