Seiki Murono '66
Induction Year: 1981
Sport(s): Football, Baseball
Graduation Year: 1966

Seiki Murono was a gifted athlete who enjoyed the honor of being named captain and most valuable player of both the football and baseball squads in his senior year. His qualities as a leader were most evident in his role as a quarterback. After being named team and Middle Atlantic Conference MVP in 1964, he duplicated these honors in 1965 when he led the Blue and White to an undefeated season. At least five of the nine victories were nail biting, come-from behind wins. During his senior season, he ran for 347 yards and four touchdowns, passed for 697 yards and six touchdowns, and punted 31 times for a 34.4-yard average. He was named to the All-Pennsylvania team in 1966 ad was honored by the Maxwell Club in Philadelphia. From 1967 to 197`, he played for the New York Giants affiliated in the Atlantic Coast Football League. He earned an MBA degree from the American University, and is vice president with Chase Manhattan Bank in New York City.